"I hope the fences we mended
Fall down beneath their own weight"

John Darnielle


quarta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2011

Três tenores ao vivo em Los Angeles

e, a propósito, vale a pena ler esta conversa entre Caetano e Beck:
"I remember clearly the first time I heard somebody talk about you before I saw or heard your music. It was my ex-wife. She saw you on TV and she told me, “You’re going to like this.” It was some awards show I think. Like the Grammys or whatever. I don’t know. Something she saw on TV. I was recording and I came back home and she told me, “There’s this guy Beck. Don’t forget this name because you’re going to like him.” She was explaining to me the way you danced and moved and the suit you were wearing and you were very white! (laughs) She was very precise about that. “The fact that he’s so white is very important when he moves the way he does.” And I was curious so I saw you and I told her she was right. It was very revealing."
que continua aqui.