"I hope the fences we mended
Fall down beneath their own weight"

John Darnielle


segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010

I remember you well in the ... hotel

Lloyd Cole revela o que esconde o hotel no qual se dorme. Para ler aqui (descoberto via João Lisboa)

"(...) After 27 years, I wonder, could one maybe map the trajectory of my (so-called) career using the hotels I was booked into? How was I doing? Where was I staying?
(...) Arriving in Paris in 1993 on my third album, I was driven to a chic Left Bank hotel... and I guess that's when I knew I was no longer on the up and up. Four years later, Universal bought Polygram, the last column of my support was supplanted, and that was that. I quit before they fired me. We both knew it was coming.
I distinctly recall the first time I walked through London when heads didn't turn. It wasn't a good feeling. I could go shopping for porn and The Sun wouldn't photograph me. But after almost 15 years in rock'n'roll, could I do anything else? Did I want to?
(...) I became a folk singer, and guess what? I liked it. I made a folk-singer album (sort of) – Music in a Foreign Language – in a rented studio space in Massachusetts with almost no help aside from computer or software. I gradually took over my management. I fired my New York accountant. I do my own taxes now. A one-man cottage industrialist.
(...) Finally, Lisbon. We have been in love since 1985. The fiery passion long gone, but still, heads turn. It's late when I arrive at Hotel do Chiado – the place 10 years ago and still lovely, if a little frayed at the edges (touché). The porter shows me to my room. The view is spectacular; there isn't a better city view in the world. I know Tapete can't afford this room... Some days, some places, it is indeed good to be me. I should take a photo and post it on Twitter. I should. Instead, I take a whiskey on the balcony, and I then re-string my guitars, watching a Law & Order re-run."