"I hope the fences we mended
Fall down beneath their own weight"

John Darnielle


quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

Coisas que nos fazem falta: compaixão, empatia

"What I find most deeply moving in Caravaggio's paintings is (...) his pervasive compassionate empathy. I don’t just mean his ability to depict compassion, as he does on the face of the early angel supporting Saint Francis in ecstasy or, more subtly and more tenuously, on the late face of David staring at the head of Goliath in the Galleria Borghese. What I’m referring to is Caravaggio’s truly extraordinary ability to imagine sympathetically what it must be like to be another person, saint or sinner, woman or child, knight or jailer, usually in circumstances he could never himself have known." Daqui.